Pure Meditation

pure meditation

Pure Meditation is a life-transforming, depth meditation of great beauty and richness. It is the ultimate Course for the whole being: mind, body and spirit – and is for people of all backgrounds and beliefs. With regular practice, Pure Meditation brings more love, peace, joy and fulfilment to all aspects of your life.

For those who seek a greater inner connection, and deeper understanding of life, this meditation helps you to connect with your Intuition (deep inner wisdom), so that answers can be known.  It can lead to self-realisation for those who wish, in this lifetime, with the love and guidance of a true Guru – Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharmaji.  A very great blessing.

Pure Meditation is taught in small groups, and you will learn how to manage your mind and energies in today’s challenging world with a tool-kit of profound energy care techniques.  Those who tend to worry or fear, can experience instead much increased inner strength and contentment.  Life truly becomes much happier and enriching.

A truly great gift to give to yourself!

Pure Meditation – Mindfulness and Beyond

Please contact Bernadette McPhillips on 087 132 8579 for more details.   Or email at bernadette@healinghelps.ie

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