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A Talk on Thursday, 25th April, 2024 at Seven Oaks Hotel, Carlow - "A Peaceful Mind in Today's World".

This Talk will cover ways to feel calm and balanced, reduce worry and anxiety and deepen inner wisdom.

Practical, simple yet very effective tools and techniques will be given to participants to assist in everyday life.

It will take place at 7.30pm on Thursday 25th April at Seven Oaks Hotel, Carlow.  

Pre-booking is essential, by text, email and via Content page on this website,  with €10 payable at door.


Holistic Energy Course.

This Holistic Energy Care Course is designed to help all those who care for others.

These courses are currently taught in small groups, both online and  in person. Please enquire about the course dates and pricing.

 What is holistic energy care?

It is learning how to best look after our energies in body/mind/spirit.  Those who are in caring roles often use more of their energy than is helpful for their health and wellbeing.

How do you enhance care of your own energy?   And Why?

Tools, ideas and techniques are given which are practical, very effective and take a short time to do during everyday life.   Looking at such areas in work/home which can benefit from these.

We explore the signs and symptoms of insufficient energy care at work and home. (With family, friends, and colleagues)

What will these tools give you?

Gentle and very effective help to be more calm and balanced

Knowledge on how to be more centred and grounded, and to conserve your energy

Ways of being stronger emotionally

Ability to deal much better with stresses and challenges.

Give yourself space to access inner creativity and wisdom

 Exploring these areas and how they relate to enhancing inner contentment and strength

How to live a life of joy and fulfilment

 What does it mean to live joyfully, to find within yourself the sparkling and creative person that you are?  

 Many more subjects will be included: – feeding all areas – mind/body/spirit and enjoying life.

Intuition – how to enhance your own inner wisdom to greatly help with feeling joyful, balanced and fulfilled.

Being in the present, dealing with patterns of thinking which may not serve well.

Energy and technology – how to make the most of Technology, the effects of over-use and how to deal with these

Sitting quietly for a few moments to reflect on two things that they would like to focus on from the course.

Throughout the sessions, participants will be encouraged to contribute and share if they wish.  There is no pressure on anyone to do so.  Lots of space for asking questions/seeking clarification.

 Each session will finish with short relaxation and a Guided Visualisation.

Bernadette McPhillips


7th May, 2021,





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