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Cancer Healing

Natural Spiritual Healing can help those dealing with cancer in a number of ways. Healing works to help balance and this can be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is a gentle, yet powerful healing energy and the healer does not direct the healing, but rather acts as a bridge for the loving energy to flow through to the person. It then goes to where most needed in that person, with their own inner wisdom being the guide for this.

Many of those who receive a diagnosis of cancer will go through a range of emotions and feelings, including disbelief, shock and fear. The person’s level of inner strength and customary way of dealing with challenges and problems in life, will impact on their response to the cancer diagnosis and suggested medical interventions.

Healing can greatly support you through the process. In terms of emotional support, the healing energy usually brings a deep inner peace and calmness. It can help to give strength to manage any decisions, including surgery and follow-up treatments. Emotions are calmed and soothed, so that the person can deal much better with the illness. Fear can be greatly reduced whilst building a more positive and life-affirming approach.

During the journey of cancer and its physical manifestations, healing can be taking place in a profound way, both on the emotional and spiritual levels. It can be a time when the real priorities in the person’s life can be seen in clearer focus. This then gives the opportunity to see what needs to be healed, perhaps for example in the areas of forgiveness (of oneself or others), self-love, or to learn how to deal with life generally, in a more balanced way. Many people find this a time of great healing and progress.

On a spiritual level, a much deeper sense of meaning and purpose may be experienced, with a sense of the ‘real’ person within – and what this means on an individual basis is very personal and sacred to each one.

Healing can help greatly with the physical symptoms of cancer, and with the side effects of treatments. It can also help to recover more quickly from surgery. Generally, your healer will be alongside you throughout the process, offering support and encouragement as you progress forward step-by-step. Many simple breaths and very effective tools will also be given with which you can help yourself in-between healing appointments. The healing sessions progress, with the energy building upon the last, thus deepening the positive effects. The healer – patient relationship is one of openness, respect and encouragement with the patient’s wellbeing at all times given first priority.

Natural Spiritual Healing is complementary, and not alternative to, traditional medical diagnosis and treatments. This method of healing does not involve any treatments or diagnosis and is purely energy healing.

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