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Bernadette McPhillips

Here at Healing Helps we believe that everyone who wishes, has the potential to experience a peaceful, happy and fulfilled life.

– that people can and do change in positive and healthy ways.

We have also learned that in order to do this, many of us need a helping hand at some point in our lives. Our complementary Holistic therapies work wonderfully together, to give very effective help.

We offer the space and time for you to find what you need for more balance, to learn to enhance self-care, and to become more resilient.

Bernadette McPhillips has worked as a social worker and therapist for over 35 years. Through this time she has gained vast insight into the challenges and problems faced by individuals and families in their lives.

Her own search for answers and meaning resulted in a journey of discovery, involving some of the therapies on this website. Because of the very positive effects on her own life, Bernadette decided to undertake further training and to offer these very effective complementary therapies to others.

She places very high importance on the most professional, friendly and individual approach to all those who come for assistance, and takes regular refreshers to uphold the highest levels of service to her clients.


With deep and sincere appreciation to my Guru and Spiritual Teacher, Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharmaji, for her great love, deep wisdom and gift of Pure Meditation which has enabled joyful transformation in my life.

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