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Couple / Marriage Counselling

There are many reasons why people seek marriage counselling. It is quite common that couples come to patches in their relationship or marriage where their understanding of each other and ways of communication are not working as well as they were. Issues may arise which bring up painful feelings for one person for instance, which the other is unable to see or comprehend. Both partners may then take their individual positions and withdraw from each other, causing a worsening of the situation.

In the Marriage Counselling sessions, each person is given the opportunity to speak openly and without any judgement, about their perception of the difficulty or challenge. The counsellor ensures that the process is one of respect, with each person being treated equally and given full attention. When the issues are clarified and the positions of each person spoken of, the counsellor can then see the picture more clearly so as to help the couple to see what is happening in their responses to each other. It is so common for emotions to get the upper hand so that neither person can see ‘the wood from the trees’. We offer effective Marriage Counselling services in Gorey.

Couples Counselling

The whole aim of Couples Counselling in this context is to help the couple to find a better understanding of themselves and each other, to come to an acceptance that they may not be able to agree on everything, but that they can find ways of being tolerant of each other.

By allowing each other to be who they are at this point, with their individual preferences and needs, instead of wanting to change the other person, will grow an acceptance and deeper understanding. Then from this can grow a greater respect and love when each wishes to give to the other.

It is so very true that when both people give to each other more, instead of withdrawing, that there can be a profound transformation in their relationship. With our professional Couples Counselling we can help you solve your issues in an alternative way.

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