Pure Meditative Peace and Mindfulness

Maintaining Balance

Pure Meditative Peace and Mindfulness

The Pure Meditative Peace practice encompasses the aspects of mindfulness, and for those who are new to meditation,  is a first step towards Pure Meditation, (see below), a very beautiful and complete Meditation, which enhances life enormously, with greatly increased peace and enjoyment of life.

Pure Meditative Peace as a practice in its own right stills the body and begins to still the mind, also giving many other benefits, including

Courses Available

Regular five-week courses are taught in Pure Meditation Foundation, at Stradbrook Road, Blackrock. These are held in the evenings between 7.30pm and 9.15pm. Dates for the next course are Wednesday 19th and 26th September, as well as 3rd and 10th October, with the follow-up and final session on 14th November, 2018.

The weekly sessions focus on learning how to sit quietly for minutes at a time, and also include exploration of the following topics:-

Many practical, simple and very effective tools and breaths are taught during the course which greatly help to return to peace in-between meditation times and to build inner strength and harmony.

Each week there is plenty of opportunity to look at what is working together with any questions or difficulties, which can all be addressed in the sessions.

In addition, we practice the meditation together each week in order to build this positive experience, especially helpful for those new to a meditation practice.

Follow up after the pure meditation foundation course

The fifth week of the course takes place one month after the four weeks have ended and is the opportunity to refresh and deal with any questions.

Meditation evenings are also provided, free of charge, on an on-going and open-ended basis (open to everyone). These are held on Tuesday and Sunday evenings each week at 8.15pm. If you would like to attend, just get in touch so that I can let you know how the evening is run and to book your place.

Meditation evenings are a great way of sitting quietly and strengthening your practice, as there is a deeper experience when several meditate together.

Total cost of the course is €115 which includes the beautiful meditation book.

You can book here

Alternatively, if you wish to make payment by e-bank transfer, or to pay by cheque, please contact Bernadette on 01 2145 964 or 087 132 8579 or email: info@dublinhealing.com

pure meditation

Pure Meditation is a life-transforming, depth meditation of great beauty and richness. It is the ultimate Course for the whole being: mind, body and spirit – and is for people of all backgrounds and beliefs. With regular practice, Pure Meditation brings more Love, Peace, Joy and Fulfilment to all aspects of your life.

For those who seek a greater inner connection, and deeper understanding of life, this meditation helps you to connect with your Intuition (deep inner wisdom), so that answers can be known.  It can lead to self-realisation for those who wish, in this lifetime, with the love and guidance of a true Guru – Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharmaji.  A very great blessing.

Pure Meditation is taught in small groups, and you will learn how to manage your mind and energies in today’s challenging world.  A tool-kit of breathing techniques is provided for life which have many and profound effects.  Those who tend to worry or fear, can experience instead much increased inner strength and contentment.  Life truly becomes much happier and enriching.

A truly great gift to give to yourself!

Pure Meditation – Mindfulness and Beyond

Please contact Bernadette McPhillips on 087 132 8579 for more details.   Or email at bernadette@healinghelps.ie

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