Self Esteem

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Self Esteem

Many people come for healing who have difficulties as a result of low self-esteem. This can have very wide-ranging effects in their lives, including lack of confidence, addictions, depression, relationship problems, work-related challenges to name but a few.

Pure Spiritual Healing helps to build feelings of self-worth and love, in several ways. During the Consultation the reasons are explored. (This may involve the provision of Intuitive Counselling in order to unravel knots from the past to release their hold), followed by sessions of healing energy.

This gentle and powerful healing energy works to heal at a deep level, so that inner strength and self-appreciation can be grown. In addition to this, the provision of practical and effective tools greatly helps the person to help themselves in between healing appointments.

Those who come are encouraged to take steps with support, at their own pace, and to build on this progress, so that real changes can come about. This means they are able to live their lives in a much more fulfilled way, greatly enhancing inner contentment.

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