Bereavement Counselling

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Bereavement Counselling

There are times in our lives when we experience the loss of someone or something very important to us. Often, with our own inner resilience and support from family and friends, we are able to manage the feelings and gain all the help we need from sharing with trusted and loved others.

For many people, however, the loss of a significant person can be a time of great difficulty and challenge. There can be a variety of reasons for this. You may have had a very close and loving relationship with the person and feel that there is a very big gap in your life. You may find that time is not lessening the feelings of loss and that you cannot move on. On the other hand, there may have been a ‘difficult’ and challenging relationship with the person who has passed, leaving unresolved feelings and issues which are resulting in your feeling ‘stuck’.

Some who are bereaved question themselves and wonder why it is they are feeling certain things, feeling guilty about this, and others that maybe they ‘should be’ feeling something and aren’t. As each person is a unique individual, their own personal experience of grief will reflect this.

Whatever the reason for it, Bereavement Counselling is very helpful in clarifying the feelings and emotions you are experiencing. Through a very gentle and caring process you are helped to explore what you need to, in order that you may come to a greater understanding of yourself, the relationship with the other person, how this affected you, and what you would like to achieve in order to come to a more peaceful state.

There are very simple and effective tools in the Bereavement Counselling sessions which greatly help with this work. All proceeds at your pace, and you are given support and encouragement as you take one step at a time.

Many people experience a great sense of release when they gain this deeper understanding. They may have been able to move towards a sense of forgiveness – towards themselves or the deceased person. This has a very powerful and liberating effect, so that the person is freed to move on with their life. 

Through knowing and understanding yourself more, you can find fulfilment and come to truly enjoy your life.


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