Depression & Anxiety Healing

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Depression & Anxiety Healing

Healing is very helpful for depression and anxiety which often go hand in hand.

With depression healing, the person is helped in the Consultation to see more clearly what may be causing this, and when the reason is already known, they are helped to explore ways in which to assist themselves to feel better.

As part of the Consultation, breaths and tools are given which are very helpful in giving calmness and balance, helping to be centred and grounded as well as ways in which to reduce and clear feelings of negativity or worry. Another very effective tool is given which preserves energy during the day, the effects of which can be very profound for those with depression.

Those who practice these tools and techniques in between healing appointments find them very helpful.

The healing energy itself helps depression by giving an energy boost to the person, which in turn can result in a raised level of motivation to do anything which needs to be done, and to take positive steps to help themselves, such as lifestyle changes. These could include diet, getting enough rest, (help with sleeping problems associated with depression), moderate exercise and many more.

The healing energy also helps to soothe and calm the emotions, giving many people the experience of increased inner strength and the ability to deal much better with the challenges in their lives.

A significant factor with depression is thinking patterns. Thoughts have a direct affect upon how you feel, and attention is given in the healing session to the sorts of thoughts which are regularly entertained. When these are self-judging or critical, ways are given in which to become more aware of when this is happening and then to take the next step in learning to change these patterns. It is very evident, and often within a short space of time, how much effect the person feels from a reduction in negative thinking.

Intuitive Counselling and Pure Spiritual Healing work very well together for many people to reduce the symptoms of depression in a very meaningful and lasting way.


Feelings of anxiety can be associated with particular situations or events, or as in many people’s experience, to a general underlying level of anxiety in their everyday lives.

During the Consultation the person is helped to understand better what may be causing this anxiety, and aspects of lifestyle will be explored in order to clarify what may be contributing to it. The person is helped to understand themselves better and given helpful and very effective tools which work to reduce the feelings of anxiety in their lives. Sometimes, in agreement with the person, Progressive Healing may be offered in order to explore and understand deeper causes and this tends to work very well alongside the healing energy sessions.

Many people are sensitive to and tend to ‘pick up’ negative energies from others and places around them. This is something which is explored in the healing consultation and very practical and helpful ways are given to remedy this.

The healing itself works to reduce feelings of fear and anxiety, and most people feel greatly relaxed and peaceful following the healing. The tools and techniques given help to maintain this peace in the intervals between healing sessions, and those who practice regularly find that they can make steady and lasting progress.

The number of sessions needed will depend upon the level and duration of the condition. However, this is always discussed and agreed with the person during the first session.

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