Addiction Counselling

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Addiction Counselling

Intuitive Counselling can be very effective in helping those with addictions. Again, we start with the here and now and what the problem is, how it is affecting your life and in what ways this needs to change.

There are many types of addiction, as well as reasons for these ways of coping. In the Addiction Counselling session, we explore how and why the dependence may have started. We begin the process of building a firm foundation of inner confidence, strength and strong reasons for wanting to change, so that the unhelpful addiction can be dropped by the side as other more positive choices take its place.

There may need to be an exploration during this process of the level of self-worth present, of present motivation, as well as ways in which to increase these necessary qualities. There will also be opportunities to examine what you want from life, how to discover your own individual path in life and way forward, to enable you to be happy and fulfilled.

In the Addiction Counselling sessions you will be given support and encouragement, alongside practical and very effective tools with which you can help yourself in between counselling sessions.

The work proceeds on a step-by-step basis, building on each positive gain to enable lasting improvements.

Many people benefit from a combination of Addiction Counselling and Pure Spiritual Healing. For those who have an interest in Meditation, the benefits of Pure Meditation, a very special depth meditation, are hugely beneficial.

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