NEW to Healing Helps - RETREATS

The first is a one-day Retreat, one of which is held every six weeks with a small group, where we engage in a variety of activities together, and here are some examples of what you can expect from the days:

A gentle Yoga stretch and relaxation session 

Wonderful ways of looking after your energy better – how to be more calm/balanced/centred and grounded.

A lovely nourishing and tasty vegetarian lunch

A mindful walk in the woodlands nearby

Inspirations on how to bring more joy into your life.

Gaining more understanding, and making sense of the world we live in, and how to be content within ourselves, alongside the problems and challenges.

Deepening our relationship with our inner self, so that greater self-acceptance, kindness and forgiveness is part of our reality and strength.

Ways of engaging with our own creativity, and of experiencing more ‘lightness’ and fun in life.

Usually, the final session would include either a relaxation and visualisation, or stretch and dance to music.

Please contact Bernadette for more details about retreat dates, and to book your place.

The second type of Retreat is an Individually tailored break to suit each person’s particular needs.

You are free to come and enjoy your well-earned break, for a length of time which suits you.

For example, this could be:

What is a Re-Treat for?

What would you be doing on your Individual Retreat?

The choice is yours – you can simply sit quietly, with refreshments, in a lovely comfortable and peaceful room, where you can ‘hear yourself think’ for a couple of hours. 

Or, you could combine your time of sitting peacefully, with one of the therapies offered.

For Example:

A gentle, yet powerful balancing and uplifting energy healing – Pure Spiritual Healing

An Intuitive Counselling or Coaching to help you clarify, find inner strength and look at possible solutions to problem areas or where you may feel ‘stuck’.

You could learn a lovely meditation practice – Pure Meditative Peace – which is a first-step towards a depth meditation (Pure Meditation), and also a complete practice in itself.  Regular practice gives you more inner peace.  The simple and very effective tools taught with this meditation, are very beneficial for use in everyday life.

Or you could have a gentle Yoga stretch session, followed by a deep relaxation and visualisation.

You are free to choose the duration and content of your individual retreat – to make it your own, and to suit your particular needs.

That means you might like to come for a morning and have lunch provided, and then avail of a holistic therapy in the afternoon, for example.

Within walking distance are lovely woodland paths, should you wish to have some fresh air during your time with us.

Just give me a call on the number shown, and we can talk about what it is you are looking for – whether you just need a couple of hours away from your hectic life, or whether you would like a longer stay, eg. a half-day or more as mentioned earlier.

We would then book the day and time for you.   If you wish to have your break as soon as possible, then we will do our best to accommodate your request.

We are situated just about one mile from Gorey town, in a country area, and full directions are given at time of booking.

When you give yourself time out, and begin to relax more, your body and mind receive a well needed rest.  When your mind calms a bit, you can begin to see more clearly so that problems and challenges can be managed better, with reduced stress.

With the benefit of one of the holistic therapies mentioned above, you can find a deeper peace and inner balance that you may not have felt for some time.

Then from this place of increased balance and rest, your own intuition (inner wisdom), is able to help you.  It can do this as there is space in your mind for thoughts to arise as to possible solutions or ideas for you.  You can come to a greater inner knowing as to what is the right course of action for you.  Last but not least, giving yourself a Retreat is a very loving and caring ‘treat’ for you, and the benefits can be many.  

You can discover a deeper inner relationship with yourself, built more on loving acceptance, allowing yourself to feel more joyful within, and a gentler, more forgiving attitude towards yourself for any weaknesses or mistakes.  This becomes a very strong and secure base from which to grow into your best self and to be happy in your days.

This depends on what you would like in your Retreat.  When you call to discuss your wishes, then I can give you the most accurate costing.

Bernadette McPhillips

087 132 8579
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