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Maintaining Balance

Pure Spiritual healing

When we are fully well our energy flows freely maintaining balance in mind body and spirit. This healthy flow of energy is disrupted to some extent when we are out of balance on some level,  and we are not able to access it fully.  (Causes of this imbalance can relate to physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health, and are many and various).

Thus we can become very low in energy, or over time, develop an illness or condition.

Pure Spiritual Healing works to restore the balance in our system, whatever the cause, and to help heal the underlying cause of the problem.  The level to which the client is willing to help him/herself, alongside the healing therapy, will be very important in the healing process.

How can this help?

What happens during a healing session?

The Consultation time gives the opportunity for the person to see and understand better how their energy can be enhanced, and ways in which they can help themselves with the many practical and effective tools and breaths which are taught.

The person then receives the healing on a healing table, whilst fully clothed, and covered in a blanket.

The great majority of people feel very relaxed and soothed following the healing.

How many sessions would I need?

This depends upon the duration and severity of the problem and is discussed and agreed with the person during the first session. Certainly most people feel benefit from one session, and there may need to be several for deeper problems in order to make progress and to build upon that in a step-by-step and lasting way.

Should you wish to present someone with a very relaxing, balancing and uplifting healing session, gift vouchers are available.  Simply request by phone or email.

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